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In this simple 10 minute self-assessment quiz, you’ll explore how close you are to living your best life. You’ll uncover some things about your life that you might want change and get some tips for how to do that. Complete this quiz and you’ll taking an important first step towards living your best life.

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Question 1 of 7

Do your priorities take a backseat to other’s priorities & do you you often feel your life is full of “should do’s” rather than things you want to do?

Question 2 of 7

Do you allocate time for personal growth & just being you, doing activities you enjoy?

Question 3 of 7

Do you have clear goals for what you want in the future & a plan to help you achieve it?

Question 4 of 7

Do you feel a sense of purpose in your life & wake up everyday feeling inspired for the day ahead?

Question 5 of 7

Are you ready to overcome your fears, leave the comfort zone of the status-quo and finally start living a more fulfilling life?

Here’s some things you can do to start getting on track to living a life that energizes & inspires you!

1) Make a commitment to at least 1 hour of personal time a week by getting up earlier, giving up something in your life that isn’t necessary or delegating something you routinely do to someone else.

2) Make a list of your top priorities & try not to let it be driven by (other people’s/ your own) should's.

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What’s Important To Me Now” will help you get crystal clear on your own priorities in a safe, judgement free environment

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3) Think about what you want your life to look like one year from now, 5 years from now & in the later stages of life.

Write it down & think of the three most important things you need to start doing achieving that vision!

4) Think of a time in your life when you felt truly alive & you were loving what you were doing. Reflect on the skills you were utilizing, the type of activity & the people you were doing it with. 

Write down everything you can remember and reflect on your discoveries.

Ask yourself: How can I create more experiences like that in my life?

5) It takes courage and motivation to overcome fear of change. Find a friend or family member who will be supportive of your vision for the future & the goals you want to achieve.

Choose carefully - not everyone in your life may be supportive of the changes you wish to make!


One final thought!

Consider inviting me to be your personal coach as you transition into living your best life. If we work together I’ll have only one agenda - creating a safe, confidential space to help you get clarity on what it means to be living your best life & providing you with ongoing support / accountability to keep you on track as you move towards making your vision a reality!


Thank you for taking the time to complete this quiz  - I hope it helped you to assess where you’re at on your journey to living your your best life and now you have some ideas for actions you can start taking now to begin living a more inspired life.


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