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7 Simple Steps to Celebrate Your Accomplishments This Year

living your best life personal growth Dec 20, 2022

Often we wait till the end of the year to look back on our accomplishments but looking back on your accomplishments at any point in time is a great way to build your confidence & appreciation for all that achieved. Sometimes as the year draws to a close, we get so caught up with thinking about what we want in the coming year that we forget to pause and take a moment to reflect upon and celebrate our achievements over the past 12 months and extract the valuable lessons we may have learned from the things that didn’t quite go as expected.

 You can complete this exercise at any point in the year, however January is often the most likely time for people to stop and think about their achievements and lessons learned in the previous year.


I invite you to give yourself the gift of 20 minutes to reflect upon your successes large and small in the past year. Find a quiet comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed and bring a pen and notepad with you and follow these simple steps:

  1.   Write at the top of your notepad “My Achievements Last Year”.
  2.   Take a couple of nice deep cleansing breaths before you begin.
  3.   Ask yourself “What are some of the many things that I achieved last year?” and reflect back on everything, large or small that happened that was successful or enjoyable in the past year. Write down on your notepad each thing that comes to mind. It can be something as simple as “I started exercising 3 days per week and stuck to it” or as big as “I got that big promotion I worked so hard for” or as simple as “I learned to practice mindfulness and it helped me reduce my stress and be more present.” You may find it hard at first to think of these things, however as you start to reflect, you’ll find you get into a flow and even more things will pop into your consciousness.
  4.   Now consider one or two things that didn’t quite turn out as planned and ask yourself “What lessons can I take away from this experience?” Write down the positive lesson/s you learned as a result of this experience. Maybe you set a goal to complete a project and hit a roadblock and gave up. The lesson learned from that would be at the start of a project to anticipate any potential roadblocks and have a strategy to deal with them so you can stay on track to achieving your goals.
  5.   Now take another couple of deep cleansing breaths and prepare to get really present and open to celebrating your successes and lessons learned in the past year.
  6.   Read out loud each of your achievements (or make a recording that you can listen to any time you need a boost) and acknowledge and honor each one of them and remember to include any lessons learned.
  7.   Notice how you are now feeling about yourself and your past year. Enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and congratulate yourself on all your achievements.

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Sue Maitland PCC

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