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Why Networking Is Essential in Today's World of Work

networking personal growth positive mindset Dec 30, 2023

You’ve probably noticed how rapidly the work world is changing. Technology is constantly impacting how we live and work and staying on top of every new development is exhausting. It’s been coined “the white water world of work” by positive psychologist Martin Seligman in his book “Tomorrowmind” because it can feel as if we’re navigating white water rapids as we’re constantly responding new unexpected challenges and trying to keep our heads above water.

So, why is networking so important in today's world of work?

Reason #1 - Keep On Top Of New Developments

It's impossible to be totally on top of every new development, however we do need to understand how new developments such as the growth of AI will impact us. Imagine for a moment, that you had a group of trusted industry colleagues who you could reach out to and discuss this with. You’d have the benefit of shared knowledge, new perspectives and an understanding of the new opportunities this change might bring.

Reason #2 – Be Primed for New Opportunities

In his book, Seligman likens the concept of stepping into a single career and following that through until retirement, to a steamship regally sailing towards a known destination and he declares that this is unrealistic in today’s rapidly changing world of work. We all need to be aware of the new opportunities presented by technology and the potential impacts upon us as companies make workforce adjustments based on their desire for increased efficiency often driven by technology. Networking can give you insights into to new opportunities that others are pursuing and allow you to evaluate whether these could be something you want to explore.

Reason #3 – Uncover the Hidden Job Market

Did you know that as many as 50% of all job openings are filled through referrals. That means candidates are presented to hiring managers, often by the firm’s current employees who have met these potential candidates through their personal or professional network. Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. Would you prefer to wade through 100’s of resumes to try to evaluate who to interview, or talk with a candidate presented by someone who already works for your company, understands the culture and is most likely to bring someone forward who will be a good fit and reflect well on them.

Even More Reasons...

There are many more benefits to growing you network including: building your confidence, raising your profile in your industry, researching the corporate culture of different companies and learning whether they’re expanding or contracting their workforce, making connections that grow into friendships, discovering other places or groups where you can network and my personal favourite, being able to connect the other people you meet, with people and resources that could be beneficial for them.

So, how do you find this group of industry colleagues?

It’s simple – by strategically building a strong and supportive network.

Need help with that?

Networking is challenging for almost everyone and I was one of those people just a decade ago. Now I love networking and I’m often invited to speak on the topic to professional associations and at conferences.

It took me years to overcome my discomfort and learn to be a successful networker, but it doesn’t have to take you that long.

I’ve put everything I learned into a comprehensive online course called 

Networking for Success ✨.

It's helped hundreds of professionals ramp up their networking skills and it can help you become a successful networker in record time. Even better, I’ll facilitate a live networking event where you’ll have a chance to practice your networking skills in a safe virtual environment with others who are also working on growing their networking capabilities.

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I'm excited for you to get comfortable with and start enjoying networking. It can transform your life and just might be the best investment in yourself that you'll ever make.

Sue Maitland PCC

Life & Career Coach & Networking Expert


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