Applying the Law of Attraction Part 3

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If you haven't yet read my earlier blog posts on the Law of Attraction, I encourage you to do so, since reading this post without that context may be unproductive.

Let's assume you understand the principles of the Law of Attraction and know the importance of clarifying your desires and reducing or removing doubt with allowing statements. 

Now I'm going to share with you some of the techniques that can support allowing from Law of Attraction expert Michael J. Losier who has kindly given permission for me to do this. 

1) Celebrate the Proof

Notice things that happen that align with your desires. Even if they're not a prefect match, still notice and celebrate them. It will keep you in a positive mindset. Be sure to avoid focusing on the things that aren't exactly a match for your desire - this will only keep you in a negative mind space and that prevents the Law of Attraction supporting your desires.

2) Record the Proof

Keep a diary of the things that are happening aligned with your desires. this will cause excitement and positive energy which will attract more of what you want. They can be little things, like "Someone told me they appreciated my blog post' or "A friend treated me to a coffee" - all these little things add up and any time you're feeling doubtful, go to you book where you record the proof and remind yourself of all those positive things that are happening.

3) Appreciation and Gratitude

Take time each day to express gratitude and you're creating positive energy and that helps the Law of Attraction support you in achieving your desires.

4) Say "I'm in the process of..."

This phrase is especially helpful when working towards a goal you haven't yet achieved. Instead of dwelling on what you haven't achieved it focuses your attention on where you're going. You can say "I'm in the process of (you fill in the blanks) attracting my ideal partner, attracting my ideal clients, finding my ideal next job, having a healthier, fit body.

5) Say "I've decided..."

This statement creates a strong positive emotion. You may say "I've decided to start my own business" or "I've decided to find my ideal next job" or 'I've decided to be in a healthy and happy relationship"

6) Lots can happen

Rather than focus on what hasn't or isn't happening, use the phase 'Lots can happen in the next week" or month, or quarter. You're shifting a negative vibration to a positive one.

7) Ask for Information

I'd like to attract more information about my desire to...The idea is to be open to learning more about achieving your desire. This takes you on a positive trajectory and you'll exude positive vibrations. If you desire more money declare "I'd like to start attracting information about what I can do to attract more money into my life". This is a positive statement and all kinds of ideas could come to mind.

8) Make an Attraction Box

Use this box to collect things that represent your desire. Cut pictures from magazines that represent what you want to attract, business cards of people you want to work with, brochures for places you want to visit. Each time you open the box, you're expressing hope for something you want to attract into your life and that creates a positive vibration.

9) Create a Void or Vaccuum

This creates space for things to happen. If you want more clients create a file folder for "Next New Client" - it sets the intention that you want new clients and creates avoid to be filled. You can say "I have space for new clients" rather than "I'm looking for new clients" which creates a sense of lack or negativity. If an appointment gets cancelled tell yourself "I just created room for another project aligned with what I want to attract into my life".

10) Allow the Law of Attraction to Figure it Out

If you feel overwhelmed and your thoughts are going down a negative path e.g. "I don't know how to make this work" stop and say to yourself "That's not your job. I'm going to allow the Law of Attraction to figure this out". You'll still need to notice and take action when the Law of Attraction presents you with opportunties or resources that can help you achieve your goals.

If you get clarity on what you want to attract into you life and use the tools in this blog post to allow the Law of Attraction to help you achieve these things, you'll maintain a positive vibration and that in turn will support positive things to occur in your life, aligned with your desires.

My thanks to best selling author Micheal J. Losier for allowing me to share concepts from his book "Law of Attraction - The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't".

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