Is fulfillment the missing piece of the puzzle

Is Fulfillment The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

living your best life personal growth Jan 26, 2023

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine that doesn’t fulfill us. We fill our time with commitments for ourselves and others, or work so hard that when we get home we just end up vegging out watching a Netflix series. Life may feel generally satisfactory, but somehow you can’t help feeling that there’s more to life than this - you’re missing that feeling of fulfillment.

Life can be short and I encourage you to take a chance and begin to make small changes that support you living your best, most fulfilled life.

If you haven’t yet completed the free Finding Fulfillment workshop on my website, I encourage you to do that. It’s a easy way to assess what’s working in your life now and what could be better.

You’re in charge of your life and nobody knows better than you what it would take for you to feel really fulfilled. 

As a life transitions coach, I offer a coaching session specifically designed to uncover your top fulfillment needs to people who work with me over a period of months and are ready to commit to some self-reflection to support making positive changes in their life. Book a 20 minute call with me if you’re interested in learning more.

How to Uncover Your Fulfillment Needs for Yourself

Here’s an exercise you can complete to understand more about what fulfills you. 

Take some time to reflect on the moments in your life when you were experiencing a feeling of great joy, or perhaps when you were focused on an activity and were so totally engrossed and time stood still - think of it as being in a state of flow.

For each of these moments ask yourself: 

  • Who was I with?
  • Where was I?
  • What was I doing?
  • What skills or talents was I using?
  • How aligned was this activity with my values?
  • What made it so enjoyable?

Do this for at least 4 different moments in your life (more is even better) and you’ll probably begin to see a few themes emerge. It could be that you were achieving a goal, or building community, or receiving recognition for an achievement, or using a skill you love to use and sharing your knowledge with others or simply in flow doing an activity you love.

Now ask yourself how much joy and flow you’re currently experiencing in your life. If you have a hard time thinking of anything, it’s time to make some changes. 

Now Take Action to Live a More Fulfilled Life

What new activities can you introduce into your life to feel more fulfilled? You may need to do some research to discover what opportunities exist. Maybe it’s learning a new language before you go on a trip, or exploring a new hobby or reconnecting with something you really enjoyed in the past like finding opportunities to dance or sing. Pick something that inspires and delights you and find ways to integrate it into your life.

Finding a cause you really care about and volunteering can often be very rewarding. Before committing to anything I encourage you to read my blog post The Dos's & Don't To Have A More Fulfilled Volunteer Experience.

You may need to stop doing certain things to free up time for these new activities. To do that you’ll need to make yourself more of a priority, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. 

Once you clarify what’s most important in life for you, you can start to live a more fulfilled life, you’ll radiate more positivity and that in turn, will be beneficial for you and everyone in your circle.


The principles used in my coaching session focused on Uncovering Your Top Fulfillment Needs leverages the concept shared in best-selling author Michael Losier’s Book “Your Life’s Purpose” and is used with his permission. 

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